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Discover a new level of allure with Beauty Ninjas’ lash extensions. Unveil the ultimate transformation – long, thick, and luscious lashes that captivate with a natural yet glamorous appeal. Elevate your gaze with meticulous artistry at Beauty Ninjas.

What Are Lash Extensions and How Are They Done?

Lash extensions are semi-permanent fibers, applied one by one to your natural lashes, to enhance their look.

A semi-permanent adhesive is used to glue individual extensions to each of your natural lashes, thus making them look more voluminous and thicker.

Eyelash Extensions Styles

The classic lash technique is quite popular. It involves attaching one extension to each of your natural lashes. Some people prefer more dramatic looks, and there are other techniques gaining popularity to achieve that effect.

Different techniques of lash extensions:

Classic lash extensions

The most popular technique. 1 eyelash extension is applied to 1 natural lash. Depending on the material used, and the length you choose, they usually look natural. 

Volume lashes

Volume lash extensions are commonly known as Russian lashes or Russian volume lashes.

They are created by applying 3-6 extensions to 1 natural lash, thus creating 3D-6D lashes. Even though there are more extensions to apply, they are not heavy and uncomfortable. Super thin faux mink extensions are used with this technique. The result? Glamorous, lush, and dramatic lashes that will definitely draw attention to your eyes. 

Hybrid lash extensions

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a combination of classic lashes and volume lash extensions. The lash technician places different extensions strategically to complement your eyes. These are perfect for those who like wispy lash extensions.

Different Curl Types

Yes, eyelashes come in different curl strengths and there is a difference between J, B, D, U, L & C curl lashes.

Can I Have Bottom Lash Extensions?

Certainly, you can opt for bottom lash extensions if that’s the look you desire. Keep in mind that your natural lower lashes should be sufficiently long and thick to accommodate the extensions.

How To Prepare for Eyelash Extension Treatment?

The preparation for a lash extension appointment requires certain steps:

What Does the Lash Extension Treatment Look Like?

The lash extension treatment lasts 1-2 hours.
The good thing is that lash extensions are customized. You choose the style, length, and curl strength. The artist will mix the extensions of different lengths, to make them look more natural.

The technician cleans your lashes and the area around your eyes. They use tweezers to apply each extension, one by one, to your natural lashes, not to the skin. Then you need to wait for a couple more minutes for the glue to dry and you are all set.

Is Lash Extension Application Painful?

It is definitely not a painful treatment, but some people find it uncomfortable because you need to lie still for almost two hours, while the artist is working on your eyes, which is a pretty sensitive area. Also, your eyes need to be closed all the time.

What Does the Lash Extension Aftercare Look Like?

The aftercare rules are pretty simple, but important to follow, especially in the first 24 hours.

How Long Do Lash Extensions Last?

Eyelash extensions typically last for 6-8 weeks, aligning with the natural growth cycle of your lashes. During this time, they will gradually shed as your natural lashes complete their growth cycle.

Do I Need a Lash Extension Refill Appointment?

Certainly, for longer-lasting eyelash extensions, it’s recommended to schedule a lash fill appointment approximately a month after the initial application. During this session, new extensions will be added to replace the ones that have naturally fallen out. This not only prolongs the lifespan of your extensions but also makes the appointment shorter and more cost-effective compared to a full set application.

How Do I Maintain My Lash Extensions?

Maintaining lash extensions properly will make them look good and last longer. You need to brush them with a clean spoolie to keep them untangled. Also, don’t pick at them, don’t rub, and be careful when you wash your face.

It’s important to clean your eyelash extensions regularly, to prevent oil, dirt and bacteria build-up. 

Since your natural lashes don’t grow at the same pace, they are at different stages of growth. If you want to prolong them, book a refill appointment when you notice a lot of the extensions have fallen off, which usually happens 4 weeks after the treatment.

If you want your lashes to last longer, try sleeping on your back instead of on the stomach or on the side. Also, it is a good idea to use a silk pillowcase.

Can I Wash My Eyes with Eyelash Extensions?

Yes, but not in the same manner as before extensions. Wash the bottom of your face and the forehead normally, but use water and mild soap on a cotton pad to clean the eyelids and the area under your eyes. Don’t rub your lashes.

Can I Shower With My Eyelash Extensions?

Of course, but avoid long showers in the first 24 hours. After that, you can shower normally but try not to wash your lashes for too long.

Don’t put your eyelashes directly under the shower, if you want them to last longer.

Lash Extensions vs Lash Lift

Lash lift is a popular method for enhancing lashes. In this procedure, a chemical solution is applied to lift and curl your natural lashes, creating the illusion of added length. Tinting is also included to give the lashes a thicker appearance, and you have the option to apply mascara if desired. It’s important to note that lash lift treatments do not involve the addition of extensions.

Benefits of Lash Extensions





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