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Roswell GA

Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta
Areola Tattooing Atlanta


Areola tattooing is an intricate form of restorative tattooing dedicated to crafting hyper-realistic representations of the nipple areola complex (NAC). This permanent tattoo service is designed to address the needs of a diverse clientele, including breast cancer survivors who have undergone mastectomies, individuals who have undergone top surgery as part of their gender-affirming journey, those with naturally minimal pigmentation, and anyone who has experienced breast surgery. Each procedure is meticulously tailored to the unique features and preferences of the client, ensuring a completely natural and lifelike outcome.

Who Is Areola and Nipple Tattoo For?

Individuals who underwent unilateral or bilateral mastectomy, lost their natural breasts, and underwent breast reconstruction, often opt for one or both nipple and areola tattoos. This includes those going through gender affirmation surgery. Additionally, individuals with athelia, a condition where they were born without one or both nipples, may consider nipple and areola tattoos. Some people may also choose to enlarge the outer areola area based on personal preferences.

What Happens at the Nipple Tattoo Appointment?

Step 1 – Numbing: The session typically begins with the application of a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort. If your mastectomy has resulted in numbness in the breast area, this step may be skipped. Note that in some states, applying numbing before tattooing may not be allowed, so it’s essential to check with a local salon.

Step 2 – Outlining: After allowing time for the numbing to take effect, the technician will measure and outline the nipples. If only one side is being tattooed, efforts will be made to match the existing nipple in terms of shape, size, and color. For those recreating both nipples, there’s the option to choose the desired shape, size, and shade.

Step 3 – Micropigmentation: The pigments, which may be custom-mixed, are prepared, and the tattooing process begins. An electric device with multiple thin needles is used to implement pigments. The technician works back and forth, gradually building up the color through several passes. Various techniques are employed to achieve a 3D effect.

Step 4 – Cleaning and Further Instructions: Once the tattooing is complete, the area is cleaned, and sterile gauze is used to protect it from rubbing against clothing on the way home. Aftercare instructions are provided, and a moisturizing balm is given for use during the healing process.

Step 5 – Follow-Up: The procedure is often performed in two sessions, and a follow-up appointment is scheduled for 6-8 weeks later.

How Long Does the Nipple Tattoo Treatment Take?

The 3D nipple tattoo appointment lasts about an hour and a half if you’re getting only one side tattooed, or around 2-2.5 hours if you’re doing both sides.

Does Getting a Nipple Tattoo Hurt?

How much getting nipple tattoos after a mastectomy hurts varies from person to person, but once reconstructed, your breasts may be no longer as sensitive as they used to be. Thus, in most cases, the pain level is quite low.

A numbing cream is applied to the area to numb the area further, so there shouldn’t be any pain involved.

That said, you may feel pressure and scratching. Patients with implants might feel a vibration through the implant during the procedure.

Nipple Tattoo Consults

3D nipple tattoos following mastectomy always involve consultations. The technician must assess the condition of your breasts to provide insights into what you can anticipate. Given the highly personalized nature of this treatment, discussing your desired outcome with the technician is crucial. The pricing for the procedure is typically determined during these consultations.

Additionally, this is an opportune time for a patch test to ensure you don’t have allergies to the pigments or other products used during the procedure.

How Do I Prepare for the Nipple Tattoo Treatment?

There are certain activities and medications you should avoid in the weeks and days before your areola tattoo appointment if you want the treatment to go smoothly and get the best results possible.

It’s also advisable to show up to your appointment in loose-fitting clothing. The area can be sensitive after the procedure and tight clothes may feel uncomfortable.

What Does the Nipple Tattoo Aftercare Involve?

During the healing period, it’s crucial to adhere to an aftercare routine for your areola tattoo to ensure proper healing and prevent infections:

How Long Does the Nipple Tattoo Last?

If you opt for traditional tattoo ink, the results can endure for many years, showing some fading and color changes over time.

In the case of cosmetic pigments, the outcome typically lasts between 3 to 5 years, potentially even longer, without significant color alterations. The specific longevity hinges on several factors:

When Should I Get My Areola Tattoo Touched Up?

Most technicians insist on the first touch-up being done 6-8 weeks after the initial micropigmentation. This extra session ensures your 3D nipple tattoo lasts as long as possible, and it can perfect the shape and color.

During healing, it’s not uncommon for some minor patchiness to emerge – this is also fixed at the first touch-up.

After that, most clients like to get their nipple tattoo touched up once a year if it is done with cosmetic pigments. This keeps the color looking fresh and even.

How often you’ll get touch-ups depends entirely on you. If you don’t get any, your areola tattoo will fade out completely after 3-5 years.

If the tattoo was done with regular tattoo ink, it’s hard to say when and if it will need a color boost. You can consult a tech when you feel like the color needs a refresher.





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